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The company has specialized in the design and construction of automation systems for engine transmission and control of aerodynamic appendages. Automac Engineering was also involved in the development of engines for marine nautical competitions in the F1 In shore world championship.

In addition to control systems to be mounted directly on vehicles, Automac Engineering has designed, over the years, several test benches for mechanical and hydraulic components. The most prestigious projects, as well as; of greater impact on company profitability, concerned the shock absorber test benches, used for several years by the major motorcycle teams, and the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) test benches, used by the main Formula One teams; in this sense, the most prestigious collaboration is represented by the Ferrari team.

These collaborations have been particularly fruitful as they have allowed the company to design and build its own automation system for the transmission components, equipped with mechanical parts and electronic control units. By now this system is internationally known, in fact it is mounted on different types of supercars and is particularly appreciated by the market, its growth curve has yet to reach its peak. In any case, the company has decided to further invest in machinery and control lines in order to be present on the market with particularly innovative products, anticipating future customer requests as much as possible.

The company specializes in the design, construction and supply of hydraulic and electric gearbox handling systems, aerodynamic devices and specific actuations, for niche cars (small production of special cars and prototypes).

Eng. Maurizio Bigi

Automac Engineering was born from the professional experience of ing. Maurizio Bigi.

He began working as an engineer in charge of research and development projects at Bugatti Automobili spa, becoming the first engineer hired by this company. Subsequently, he worked for various sports racing teams, such as Osella F1, Alfa Romeo official racing team, participating in various national and international championships. For the Osella stable, Bigi designed the Osella Pa / 9, an indoor wheeled sport prototype that has won several national and international titles. Subsequently, the engineer Bigi completed the consultancy aspect with the supply of prototypes to demonstrate the correctness of the engineering assessments, establishing first the Automac sas di Bigi Maurizio and subsequently the Automac Engineering srl which was able to create not only prototypes, but real and small series of finished products ready for assembly.

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